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Genius is talent set on fire by courage.

Henry Van Dyke

The high cost of empty positions

If the true costs of open positions were fully tabulated, business leaders would solve these problems first.

Kurrent Solutions International (KSI) addresses and solves the problems of resource drain and management turbulence caused by unfilled positions. We offer cost-effective and long-term guarantee for technical recruiting, operations hiring, and project staffing. We excel at rapid response for even the most demanding position requirements. When filling a position is critical, we deliver.

We pledge that any position under our care will stay filled.  We dare to share placement risks by partnering together with our clients, optimizing organizational effectiveness and enhancing customer satisfaction.

KURRENT — the flow of talent your business demands with Solutions for today’s management problems.

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

Wayne Gretzky

Talent in Demand

Timely placement of the right talent is the most significant force in any industry.

Kurrent Solutions International serves growing companies in every phase of a project. Project pursuit, proposal, performance, and delivery – we offer talent for every need at every stage. Vacant positions result in money lost – it’s as simple as that. Costs are multiplied as open positions put strain on your organization. The war for talent is real. Kurrent Solutions International supports every element of business or project growth enhancing operational performance to win that war. We’re currently placing personnel in short and long-term assignments in projects at every stage of the organizational life-cycle.

Talent Needs Across the Life-Cycle of Business

  • Opportunity Analysis and Development
  • Proposal Development & Key Personnel
  • Transition Management
  • Project Mobilization
  • Ramp-Up & Scope Growth
  • Succession & Attrition
  • Growth to Next Tier
  • Growth to Market Adjacencies

The High Cost of Empty Positions

  • Lost Opportunity
  • Drain on Leadership
  • Forfeited Revenues
  • Stress on the Organization
  • Missed Schedule Milestones
  • Less Overhead Absorption
  • Reduced Client Satisfaction
  • Lower Profit
  • Higher Performance Risk

The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.

Harvey S. Firestone

Reducing Cost & Sharing Risk

Our Talent Placement Allowance (TPA) makes Kurrent Solution’s approach unique for delivering talent and ensuring retention.

Our tailored solutions create unique partnering relationships that radically reduce the cost of acquiring talent and ensure that the position is filled for the long term. Who else steps up to make this same commitment?

The Kurrent Advantage

The Kurrent Advantage: lower cost and risk

Talent Placement Allowance (TPA) We call it ‘allowance’ because it’s earned over time –up to three years. We focus on delivering the very best talent and ensuring that you retain the talent for the long-term.

Discarding Lump-Sum Placement Fees Traditional recruiting and staffing firms are focused on the harvest of placement fees averaging 20% of first-year compensation. This is often paid in full upon hire. This is a short-sighted and risky service model. KSI, through the TPA, spreads placement cost over the duration of the assignment – for up to three years.

Sharing Risk for Talent Retention In today’s world, the retention of high-performance individuals is critically important for sustainable growth. Not only does KSI spread the placement cost over the duration of the assignment, we promise that if the selected candidate leaves the assignment or is dismissed for any reason, KSI will provide a replacement at no additional charge.

Reducing Project Turbulence The lack of talent impedes project performance and arrests growth. You know that vacancies in your organization create disruptions, delays and distractions, in other words “project turbulence”. By shortening the list of open positions and increasing talent profiles, your organization can stabilize, improve performance and ultimately advance profitable customer relationships.

Talent hits a target no one else can hit; genius hits a target no one else can see.

– Arthur Schopenhauer

Talent Acquisition

For rapid response or large-scale recruiting projects, Kurrent can place our recruiters on retainer at your project site. We can also support your recruiting staff by adding training and depth for better lower cost results. We create unique solutions.
For highly specialized positions or unique circumstances we can adapt our recruiting model to your specific needs. These alternative fee options often apply to shorter-term positions or demanding position requirements. We custom fit solutions.
In unique cases, we will apply a more traditional industry recruiting model that seeks candidates on a contingent basis. We consider all solutions.
For companies who have continuing and increasing personnel demands, we will offer reductions in per placement cost which reduces overhead and increases competitive posturing. We capitalize on solutions.
We invite you to test our flexibility by proposing your own recruiting and staffing terms to fit your particular needs. We cooperate towards solutions.

Talent Acquisition Choices

With such a unique recruiting service delivery model, KSI has already demonstrated a willingness to think outside the box.  As the relationship between you and KSI grows, we continually seek ways to reduce costs and improve performance under our TPA agreement.  The more positions that become part of the partnership, the more cost-effective KSI can become. We promise to share those savings with you. Additionally, we periodically review our performance with every client seeking to continuously improve and increase our effectiveness in support of your business objectives.

Some other options we offer include:

  • Retainer-Based Recruiting Staff
  • Engagement Fee & Placement Fee
  • Contingent Recruiting
  • Multiple Placement Discounts
  • Your Recruiting & Staffing Terms

Every calling is great when greatly pursued.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

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